Bring out a brush and Fritz will roll on his back and stretch out his paws to ensure you have full access for brushing his tummy! Submitted photo

It's impossible to look at Fritz and not have a smile come across your face - with his round head and huge green eyes. They just don't come any mellower than Fritz. As soon as he sees you, Fritz immediately approaches to rub up against you in greeting with the hope of getting some pets. When you oblige him, you realize he purrs on contact. Even more impressive, you can hear him purring across the room even after contact is broken.

Fritz is incredibly cuddly and enjoys head rubs, chin scratches, belly rubs and petting in general.

Fritz is not bothered at all by the presence of other kitties and would be fine in a home with another friendly cat. The most important thing Fritz is looking for in his new home are people that will shower him with all of the love he craves.

Fritz is a wonderful cat and will be a wonderful addition to any home. To learn more about him, visit AZ RESCUE's website at


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