Kneeling: Carmen Sandoval, Patti Stanalonis, Pat Lawlis, Jo Hale, Margie Allen, and Juana Cervantez. Standing: Head Coach Bill Hale, Eva Navarro, Eve Rey, Penne Adams, Connie Squires, Janet Wood, Martha Campbell, Carol "Zippy" Wartenberg, and Coach Ray Cervantez.

Submitted photo

The Dream Catchers won the SS-USA Winter World Championship in the 65-plus age division. All games played were mostly competitive. In the semi-finals of bracket play, the Dream Catchers defeated the California Spirit 65’s 11-10. Cal Spirit then went into the loser’s bracket to play the Queen Bees from Mesa the next day. Having already defeated the New Kids on the Block from San Diego earlier, the Queen Bees defeated Cal Spirit 3-2. The Championship game between the Dream Catchers and the Queen Bees was a hard fought one. The Dream Catchers won by a score of 5-4.

By winning this WWC, which is considered the first tournament of the 2013 season, the Dream Catchers have already qualified to play in the elite Tournament of Champions in Polk County Florida in February of 2014.

To be invited to play in the TOC, a team must win a major tournament. The Dream Catchers are currently invited to play in the TOC in February of 2013 because they won both the 25th Annual Rock ‘n Reno May 25-28 and the Western Nationals (subtitled the “Best in the West”) Aug. 3-5 of this year.

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