The following Ahwatukee students made the 2013 dean’s list at Northern Arizona University: Emanuel Aguirre, Molly Barnaby, Brianna Barrios, Haley Bartosik, Michelle Beerling, Sarah Begoun, Amanda Bennett, Christopher Binning, Katharine Boelter, Michelle Botsford, Kristen Boyd, Rebecca Braunstein, Alexander Brink, Lindsey Brown, Erin Byrnes, Casey Cantor, Emma Collins, Kaitlin Conely, Shae Couch, Rojeen Derakhshandeh, Rebecca Devlin, Tyler Einck, Jadriene Ellery, Matthew Farfante, Kelsey Furey, Cameron Gaskin, Tessa Grabowsky, Kellsie Hardy, Taylor Horvath, Kristen Howard, Shelby Irons, Sarah Janwari, Marissa Kase, Matthew Kovarik, Jenna Lyter, Kaitlin Maiefski, Jeffrey McCleve, Sean McDonnell, Margaret Nelson, Jenna Ohara, Rachael Pearson, Krista Pederson, Brittney Robertson, Julia Romano, Zachary Rosebrugh, Trevor Rubinoff, Katherine Rush, Taylor Salazar, Jessica Schrader, Shannon Scirghio, Sara Shaffer, Sara Skromme, Mariah Smiley, Courtney Smith, Michelle Stauffer, Caitrin Swan, Emily Thornton, Taylor West, Melanie Whitaker, Morgan Widder, and Jennifer Worden.

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