Local artist Joye DeGoede recently presented Gov. Jan Brewer with her portrait in a private presentation.

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Local artist Joye DeGoede recently presented Gov. Jan Brewer with her portrait in a private presentation.

Brewer and her staff met with DeGoede throughout the process for reference photographs and to offer advice on adjustments to capture the personality and spirit of the governor. DeGoede asked Brewer how she wanted to be remembered in history and the governor's response, as she recalls, was to be remembered as kind, compassionate and a fair person.

DeGoede met Brewer in 2009 when the artist won the People's Choice award for the Capitol Christmas Tree Art Competition. Her painting, "Passing on the Gift of Nature to Future Generations" is part of the governor's permanent collection and is displayed in her office.

DeGoede is a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance and Sonoran Artists League. Her work is on display at the Arizona Art Alliance Gallery and the Harris Bank, sponsored by the Sonoran Artist League. Her paintings also hang in many private collections in the U.S. and abroad. She has created custom art, note cards and stationery for major hotels and resorts.

DeGoede, certified with an art endorsement, has taught art in Arizona private and public schools the past 17 years. She has a bachelor's degree in fine art with an emphasis in medical illustration from Westminster College. She also teaches private lessons to aspiring artists, young and old, who are looking to develop their creative abilities.

DeGoede says art and emotions are synonymous. "I would like my work to inspire the viewer to slow down for a time to enjoy and experience what the piece tells them and allow it to enrich their minds." Her work can be viewed at JoyesArt.com.

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