Erik Rocklin

Erik Rocklin

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Local resident and lifelong Arizona resident Erik Rocklin has published his debut novel, “The Tapestry of Spirit.”

Rocklin believes “that we all journey the same journey in life, face similar challenges, and that there is a connectedness between all people that is ever-present, even if not consciously recognized or embraced.”

The time in our lives consists of relationships and events, and personal growth because of them. It is this belief that is the basis for the book, an allegorical tale in which an orphan boy, led by an old man as a guide, journeys East in search of a mystical figure known as the Mage. During the journey, the boy comes to understand that as he journeys to seek the Mage, he also seeks his own Destiny Thread, and how it returns to the universal wisdom that is the Tapestry of Spirit.

Along the journey, the boy learns of the power of dreams, the value of trust and belief, the vision of the heart, and the capacity of every individual to help in the healing of the world.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 1995 with a business degree, Rocklin spent a decade in a corporate career in Chandler before a persistent feeling finally became an undeniable realization; he wasn’t doing what he enjoyed, or what he thought he was meant to do in that part of his life. So, in 2005, he changed course to pursue a life-long interest of writing.

The Tapestry of Spirit is currently available online at Amazon and The book will also be available at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe starting April 1.

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