Col. Alberto C. Gonzalez

Col. Alberto C. Gonzalez, an Ahwatukee resident, was promoted to Brigadier General in a ceremony Saturday at Russell Auditorium

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Col. Alberto C. Gonzalez, an Ahwatukee Foothills resident, was promoted to brigadier general in a recent ceremony at Russell Auditorium in the Joint Force Headquarters Building.

Gonzalez's promotion comes with both increased rank and responsibility from chief of staff of the Arizona Army National Guard to the position of assistant adjutant general, commander of the Arizona Army National Guard.

Gonzalez said he is very excited about his new role and the National Guard's role in Arizona: "It's not just about fighting the fight; the Arizona Army National Guard is also here to take care of Arizona's citizens."

The auditorium was packed with service members from all over the state who came to support Gonzalez's ascension to general. In addition, his family and friends were able to participate. Gonzalez shared humbling remarks crediting soldiers for where he is today.

His mother, Ana Maria, removed his infantry crossed rifles and his wife, Danielle, and father, Armando, pinned on his new rank. Gonzalez's brother, Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Armando Gonzalez, Jr., presented him with his Army brigadier during the ceremony.

Gonzalez graduated from the University of Arizona's Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1987, afterwards serving on active duty for 10 years in both infantry and intelligence officer positions.

In 1988 Gonzalez joined the Arizona Army National Guard and since then has been in various commands and was deployed once to Kosovo and Macedonia, and twice to Afghanistan.

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