Rohini Gnansambanthan, a 2009 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School, has been dancing since she was five years old. She is classically trained in the traditional South Indian style, Bharatanaytam, and has recently started Arizona State University's first Bollywood dance team, called ASU Aag. Aag means fire in Hindi, and the team hopes to inspire and represent the Sun Devil way.

Lauren Covey, also a fellow Mountain Pointe graduate, is a co-founder of ASU Aag. After travelling to India in her junior year, Covey has taken a great interest to all things Indian.

Bollywood is a dance style that originated in India and can be closely related to a fusion of classical and modern styles. It also refers to the hugely popular Hindi-language film industry, which is now becoming recognized in America.

Aag members have recently been admitted to their first national competition, which will take place Nov. 20 in New York. The Manhattan Project 2.0 competition is a prestigious event that draws teams from across the country. Aag will also be competing for an automatic bid to the country's biggest Bollywood competition - Bollywood America.

Team members are currently searching for sponsors to help them on their journey to Manhattan. Without the support of the local community, Aag will be unable to compete in the competition.

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to ASU Aag, please e-mail Gnansambanthan at or call her at (480) 695 -8935.

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