"Arizona Gives Day" awarded $179,500
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The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits (Alliance) and Arizona Grantmakers Forum (AGF) awarded $179,500 in prizes to 40 nonprofits who participated in Arizona Gives Day at a reception on May 2.

Thanks to a financial commitment from title sponsor, FirstBank, and other incentive-prize sponsors, Arizona Gives Day encouraged competitions among nonprofits. Throughout the course of the day nonprofits engaged audiences to come out on top in five categories to receive additional funding.

The winners are: Ben’s Bells Project (most donors overall); Watershed Management Group (most dollars overall); Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue and Rehab (most donors, small nonprofit); Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary (most donors, rural nonprofit); Arizona Autism United (most donors, Alliance of Arizona nonprofits member).

Ben’s Bell’s Project was presented the top prize of $20,000 for engaging 441 unique donors on Arizona Gives Day.

The reception also celebrated the accomplishments of this inaugural 24-hour online initiative encouraging residents to recognize and financially support the efforts of various nonprofits on March 20. Arizona Gives Day was successful in raising $928,541 for the more than 800 registered organizations statewide. In total, 8584 unique donors took the time to make 11,074 total donations.

On the heels of this success, the Alliance and AGF also officially announced its renewed partnership in presenting Arizona Gives Day 2014.

To learn more, visit http://www.arizonagrantmakersforum.org.

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