YAC inaugural team graduation

Front row, left to right: Denise Delgado, 16, Chandler HS; Gabrielle Arias, 13, Bogle Jr. HS; Palina Acuna, 16, Seton HS; Hannah Durrett, 14, Chandler HS; Aline Lewis, 14, Chandler HS; Erin Murray, 14, Chandler HS; Alex Palmatier, 16, Chandler HS; Jocelyn Whiteneck, 17, Chandler HS; Jake X, 14, Hamilton HS. Back row, left to right: Sam Casarezm 17, Basha HS; Alaina Haws, 17, Hamilton HS; Mackenna Goodrich, 13, Bogle Jr. HS. Not shown: Katie Vasquez, 17, Valley Christian HS.

Submitted photo

In October 2011, Chandler Center for the Arts launched a new program for teen’s ages 13-18 called the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The YAC focused not only on an overall appreciation and conservation of the arts in the community, but also community service, leadership skills, group dynamics, financial responsibility, career opportunities, and general knowledge of PR and marketing. On April 11, the 2011-2012 term came to a bittersweet close with the graduation of the Youth Advisory Council’s inaugural team.

Rich Frazier, vice chair of the Chandler Cultural Foundation, was the ceremony’s MC, which was highlighted with an inspirational speech from former Chandler Mayor Jerry Brooks. Brooks spoke to the ambitious group of teens about serving as a board member in the future, offered advice, and congratulated them on their diligence and commitment to both the council and community service on the whole.

Each YAC member was honored individually by board chair David Woodruff and Chandler Center for the Arts General Manager Katrina Pappas, with a certificate and a photo. The teens were also given the opportunity to share a few words about their experience in the YAC and express their gratitude. The Youth Advisory Council is made possible by the support of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Wells Fargo and Lorah Neville.

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