Kyrene School District has started a new way for people in the district to help needy students or families who seek a helping hand.

It’s an online application that enables district personnel to share, without naming names, cases where a donation or contribution would help someone out.

To enroll, people can go to purposity.com, enter their mobile number and “wait for a weekly text alert that a Kyrene student needs an alarm clock or a pair of shoes or anything else many of us may take for granted,” the district said in a release.

“Our Kyrene students and families have needs far beyond the classroom, so we are reaching into our community to meet those needs,” the district said.

Any donation or contribution goes directly to the student or family.

“If you’ve ever made a donation and wondered where it went, this is the tool for you. With Purposity, you will know exactly how you have made a difference in the life of a child,” the release said. “The generosity of the Kyrene community never fails to amaze us, and giving is about to get even easier.”

The school board several months ago approved working with the Georgia-based nonprofit.

The district approved entering into a non-binding, cost-free memorandum of understanding with Purposity.

“Purposity signs up donors within the ZIP codes of a school district, seeking people who are looking to find purpose through generosity,” an administration stated. “Once Purposity has identified donors, staff identified by Kyrene would have access to the Purposity platform to enter specific student needs.”

The memo stated that the likely staffers who will be putting out thee text alerts would be social workers or counselors with access to Purposity’s system. The children’s identities will not be publicized.

“By clicking on the link, they can read the story about the need and decide whether or not to help out. The price is clearly displayed, meaning they simply click ‘Complete Purchase’ and head to Amazon to finish the checkout process,” the administration memo stated, adding:

“The item is set up to ship directly to the Kyrene School District. Our staff would then distribute the needed item to the student.”

Purposity also can be used “if a family were to experience a large loss due to a life event like a fire. Purposity will even purchase small furniture items.”

None of the items can cost more than $250.

“This will allow us to get items for students that we do not have easy access to through the Family Resource Center or other donations,” the administration said, adding that Kyrene is the first school district in Arizona to join the nonprofit.

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Adrian Satterthwaite

It is really appreciable act by Kyrene School because this school is very dynamic in helping the poor and needy people of the assignment writing service as in past it hold a charity event in which they helped many people by giving them food.


Thanks for introducing us with Kyrene launches program to help needy district kids, and families.

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