With 8 million homeless pets entering U.S. shelters every year, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) is helping to solve the problem with its “Primp Your Pit (bull)” spay/neuter promotion sponsored by PetSmart Charities. During August, AHS will spay/neuter pit bulls for a special rate of $20, including a free nail trim.

Today, 35 percent of dogs and cats in U.S. households are not spayed or neutered yet the procedure is one of the most effective ways to reduce the homeless pet population. The American Veterinary Medical Association endorses spaying and neutering puppies as young as eight to 10 weeks old, and research shows that the procedure can improve the behavior and health of the pet, including reducing the risk of certain reproductive cancers and infections.

Last year, AHS was able to provide more than 21,000 spay and neuter surgeries on both owned and shelter pets, yet the community needs to continue to take an active part in helping to combat pet overpopulation. In fact, AHS took in over 46,000 animals last year alone and pit bulls accounted for one of the top breeds turned in to the shelter.

In an effort to prevent unwanted litters of pit bulls, this special rate during the “Primp Your Pit (bull)” event applies to all residents of Maricopa County. Pit bull parents who wish to take advantage of this offer must mention the “Primp Your Pit (bull)” promotion when they schedule their appointment. The promotion is based on availability. Visit www.azhumane.org or call (602) 997-7585 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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