Pet lovers in the Phoenix area should get their four-legged friends ready for the 2012 Phoenix Pet Expo, Saturday, April 28, at the University of Phoenix Stadium. This free indoor event attracts thousands of pet lovers looking to enjoy a day out with their furry, feathered or reptilian pals.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the expo will be packed with more than 200 local and nationally-recognized veterinarians, groomers, trainers, retailers and organizations primarily geared towards pet lovers. Shorty Rossi, star of “Pit Boss” on Animal Planet will be making an appearance with his popular canine sidekick, Hercules. Rossi has a special passion that has been a major part of his life since he was a teenager championing the cause of pit bulls. When Shorty is not working on his show he is managing Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue, which is a charity he formed that rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused pit bulls in loving, nurturing homes. Shorty’s Rescue is not a shelter or a charity; its employees work tirelessly to help relieve the suffering of and prevent cruelty to pit bulls through education and activism.

Because the Phoenix Pet Expo is also designed to promote responsible pet ownership, a major highlight of the day will be a mega-adoption event hosted by Banfield Pet Hospital. If you’re looking to add a new member to your family, more than 250 pets will be available for adoption, along with information from dozens of local rescue groups and shelters.

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