Spook, who will be celebrating his 10th birthday later this month, was appropriately named when he was found wandering the streets of Mesa just before Halloween last year. Don’t let his name fool you though, he’s not spooky at all, and has been patiently waiting to meet his forever family. He would love to join you in your Halloween activities (he’s even all ready to go as Underdog).

Spook is great with kids, adults, and really loves other dogs. He is just a laid-back, good-natured Beagle boy. He is house trained, and although initially frightened of the doggie door, he now loves using it and can be trusted to have run of the house when left alone. Spook is working on his leash etiquette since he does pull some when he gets excited, and his foster family is working to get him used to car rides, as they do tend to make him nervous. Like a typical Beagle, Spook loves food, and has gained some pounds over the course of his life, but is working to trim down with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If interested in Spook, contact the Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) at www.azbeaglerescue.com.

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