Private land route alternatives for a power line project needed to address continued economic development in the Chandler area known as the Price Road Corridor (PRC), have been further reduced by Salt River Project (SRP) officials.

After collecting public comments and considering electrical requirements for substation siting, the PRC transmission project team was able to narrow the proposed areas for substation sites within the corridor in south Chandler. By reducing the potential locations for substation sites, the following north-south transmission line route segments were also removed from consideration: Kyrene to RS-27 to RS-28 component and Schrader to RS-28 component.

In the meantime, a separate but parallel process to secure the alternative transmission line route on the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) continues in earnest.

SRP extended the project schedule last fall to continue to pursue the GRIC alternative. To secure the alternative GRIC route, SRP still must complete several steps.

SRP intends to file its application to the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee in August for a permit to build the project components. If SRP receives the necessary approval for locating a portion of the Project on GRIC land, SRP’s application will only include the portion of the transmission line route from Schrader Substation to the GRIC boundary, and for the 230kV circuit from the Kyrene substation to the Knox substation. Without the GRIC alternative, SRP will need to pursue the private land route alternatives for the entire project.

SRP will now work to refine the remaining route segments and identify the exact locations for two proposed substations before presenting them to the public in a final round of open houses tentatively scheduled for July.

The public process will culminate with a hearing before the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee. A final decision on whether to grant a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility for the project will be decided at an open meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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