Mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright is pleased to announce the endorsement of former U.S. Congressman J.D. Hayworth and the support of Arizona Freedom Alliance, a group comprised of 26 Tea Party organizations.

“Jennifer is a good friend who has worked hard on conservative causes for the past decade. In her bid for mayor of Phoenix, Jennifer is selflessly taking on entrenched political interests to restore conservative values to city governance,” Hayworth said.

Campaigning on a platform of creating jobs, reducing city bureaucracy and eliminating sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, Wright has been hailed as the only true conservative in the race for Phoenix mayor.

A lawyer, economist, mother and activist with the Tea Party, Wright is seen by many as the most likely candidate to challenge the field of longtime politicians running for the office of mayor.

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Arizona was left in the foreground for years, until the weakened economy through discretionary spending opened people's eyes from a long sleep. Finally it was the last straw for a strong Governor and a State Senator who became animated, to do something about its bleeding treasury caused by the illegal immigration invaders. The state of Nevada had for years, being hit hard by Economic migrants and, who smuggled themselves into this frontier State. Other border states as followed the same fate by mostly unfunded mandates to educate illegal alien children, who have clogged the school system in Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, spilling out to far reaching States and causing financial mayhem. Somewhere in the region of 70 hospitals have closed, because Liberal law says we must treat the uninsured, whoever walks into any health care domain.


If the Federal government reimburses any hospital is very minimal, so taxpayers have to cover the bills. Much of these monetary travesties could be halted for good, if Congress enacted a bill to make illegal entry to this country a felony. No matter where you originated from throughout the globe, the punishment should be exemplary. This should be carried through to business and agriculture as both entities, abuse the law. Businesses are just starting to feel the impact, of hiring foreign nationals stealing jobs from the less fortunate in the workforce. Stealing somebody’s right to a job, should carry harsh penalties including confiscation of business assets and prison. Farmers and agrarian businesses have for years abused migrant worker laws, including not paying for injured workers hospital treatment, or the schooling for the indigent families of children. By federal law it’s all forced on the US taxpayer, to carry the burden.

Only the TEA PARTY can reclaim America from out-of-control spending, from Obama's rising tax policies. Certainly one thing all US citizens and legal residents should demand is reinventing the tax system, with no escape clauses for the wealthy, tax havens abroad and any other loopholes. Rid ourselves of the copious IRS and give us a fair tax system that everybody pays into? In the 2012 election we can carry on repeating the same special privileges for those who govern us, or return our nation back to the people. We must also have vigilance of our voting system, as illegal aliens being driven by nonchalant official blindness, that could easily change the course of rightful candidates. Look up "Voter Fraud" to understand how your vote is vulnerable in future elections. Integrity in elections is a thing of the past, unless everybody who registers and those who enter the polling station is cross-checked with legal picture ID. Most hazardous to voting for "Citizens only" is the Absentee Ballot that is one of the easiest documents to forge. Every American should demand that Polling station official see a official ID with a photograph.

Liberals are trying to impress on us and even the US government that illegal immigration is slowing down? Whether this is true or not, will be analyzed by reputable organizations? However what we are supposedly to believe, that there are only 11.5 million illegal people squatting on our soil. The truth being that most knowledgeable groups give no credence to this number, when according to NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and the Heritage foundation, the 11.5 million can be doubled; and that seems to even be an under-count. To strengthen this fact, a population survey of San Francisco inhabitants, using data from irregular tax returns estimated there were 565.000 alone in that one county?

The Tea PARTY will ensure that the federal 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act is strengthened, that failed because both Democrats and Republicans refused to enforce the bill.. New tools to be used and nationally enforced will be the E-Verify law, to identify foreigners in the workplace and Secure Communities being a companion to validate by fingerprints, if that person is illegally in America, when sent to ICE and homeland Security. Stepping up again to champion common sense is Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and the man who leading on H.R. 2164, which is the 50-state mandatory E-Verify bill. Chairman Smith has introduced a bill that can change the situation! America has been importing cheap labor for years thanks to the thoughtlessness of Republicans, paid for by corporate donors. The Tea Party will amend the 1986 Immigration law, to make it substantially easy for exceptional people with profession skills, to get special visas; including entrepreneurs.

If you want out of the "Tax and Spend" mentality of the Liberals, we must vote into office a genuinely Tea Party Leader. A great choice would be Michelle Bachmann who is under attack by the opposite party. She has a strong backbone and is willing to suffer the Trials and demonized verbal attacks by activists with a brain impediment, who are now running scared of the honest implications of Tea Party candidates. This is a patriotic chance to help your fellow jobless countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

In conclusion, Arizona needs our help and those not content with the governments excuses for not constructing the REAL DOUBLE FENCE--can donate to the website at:

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