A variety of classes are being offered this fall at the Pecos Community Center, 17010 S. 48th St. Most classes begin in September and a few start in October. Registration is open for all classes, and fees vary depending on the class.

Youth classes include Itty Bitty and Youth Karate (ages 3 to 5 and 5 to 16), ABC Club (ages 2 to 3, 3 to 5 and 4 to 5), Parent/Tot and Youth Tumbling (ages 18 to 36 months, 3 to 5 and 6 to 10), Itty Bitty and K-5 Grade Spanish (ages 3 to 5 and 5 to 10), Itty Bitty and Youth Ballet (ages 3 to 5 and 6 to 10), Hip Hop (ages 3 to 6 and 8 to 12), Wee Sports and Fitness (ages 3 to 6), Parent/Tot and Youth No Bake Cooking (ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 7), Itty Bitty Sports and Soccer (ages 3 to 5 and 5 to 6), Parent/Tot Music and Movement (ages 18 months to 3), Itty Bitty Tap (ages 3 to 5), Itty Bitty Dance Combo (ages 3 to 6), Itty Bitty Jazz (ages 3 to 5), Youth Tennis (ages 6 to 13), Messy Arts (ages 3 to 5), Yoga for Kids (ages 6 to 10), Art Galore (ages 5 to 7), Itty Bitty Yoga/Pilates (ages 3 to 5), Babysitter Certification (ages 11 to 15) and Kre8tive Kids (ages 6 to 12).

Adult classes include Circuit Training (fitness), Yoga (various levels), Belly Dancing and Belly Dance Costume Creating, Butts and Gutts (fitness), Cardio Interval Training (fitness), Line Dancing (various levels), Aerobics (fitness), Muscle Mania (fitness), Pilates (fitness), Out-of-Shape and Overweight (fitness), Zumba (dance/fitness), Adult Karate, CPR and First Aid Certification (ages 15 and up), English as a Second Language, Basic Dog Obedience, Dog Agility Training (various levels) and Dog Therapy Training.

For more information, call (602) 534-5252, visit www.phoenix.gov/parks/registration or stop by the center.

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