Beginning July 20, the revised "Move Over" law will require drivers to move over for any vehicle, including stranded motorists and emergency roadside personnel displaying flashing lights alongside a freeway or highway.

Under previous law, motorists were only required to move over for emergency vehicles.

Listed under Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-775E-1-2, the new law will require drivers who approach a stationary vehicle that is displaying alternately flashing lights or warning lights to do either of the following: Perform a lane change to a non-adjacent lane from the stationary vehicle if safe to do so when travelling on a four-lane highway with at least two lanes proceeding in the same direction as the stationary vehicle.

If changing lanes is impossible or unsafe, reduce vehicle speed and proceed with caution, maintaining a safe speed for road conditions.

Prior to the adoption of the previous ‘Move Over' law, eight Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers lost their lives while performing their roadside duties.

However, since adopting the law in 2005, no DPS patrol officer has been killed while aiding the public on the side of the road, according to the agency.


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