The City of Phoenix was awarded a SAFER grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $8 million. SAFER grants assist with personnel costs.

“It is our job to look for every available option to put more public safety, police and fire, on our streets. While I appreciate the help the grant will provide, Phoenix must do more to protect our neighborhoods and families. The city is facing a $40 million budget deficit and has more than enough money to hire more police and fire. Phoenix needs to prioritize making the needs of our citizens come first,” said Councilman DiCiccio.

The current budget has over $19 million in pay raises, $17 million on a second, additional retirement and $3.7 million to fund union activity.

“These are critical monies that should be spent on more police protecting our families, victims of domestic violence and ending human trafficking. Not on more pay raises and a second additional retirement for staff,” said DiCiccio.

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