Gov. Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer [Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services]

Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services

Gov. Jan Brewer has established by Executive Order the Arizona Human Trafficking Council, addressing one of the key priorities highlighted in the governor’s 2014 State of the State and policy agenda.

In April 2013, Brewer created the Task Force on Human Trafficking. Co-chaired by Cindy McCain and Gil Orrantia, the Task Force was charged with identifying ways to reduce trafficking in Arizona, assist victims and safeguard those most vulnerable. Following months of testimony from more than 16 subject matter experts, members submitted to the governor findings and recommendations for strengthening state human trafficking laws, including increasing protections for victims, fortifying penalties for traffickers and solicitors, and facilitating a better overall statewide response to the crime.

The Arizona Human Trafficking Council will build upon the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force as well as continue to implement best practices and raise public awareness about victims services, restitution and prevention.

Members of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council include:

• Cindy McCain, philanthropist/advocate/business owner (co-chairperson).

• Gil Orrantia, director, Arizona Department of Homeland Security (co-chairperson).

• Carolyn Jones, survivor of human trafficking, Streetlight.

• Jon Eliason, division chief, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

• Sheila Hoppe, contracts manager, Division of Child Safety and Family Services.

• Margery Ault, division chief of consumer rights, Arizona Department of Health Services.

• Michael Derfus, captain of enforcement and compliance, Arizona Department of Transportation.

• Lt. Col. Timothy Chung, Criminal Investigations Division, Arizona Department of Public Safety.

• Chad Campbell, director of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services, Administrative Office of the Courts.

• Brian Steele, executive director, Phoenix Dream Center.

• Allie Bones, chief executive officer, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

• Sgt. Chris Bray, Phoenix Police Department.

• Grant Woods, former Arizona attorney general.

• Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, director, ASU Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research.

• Sarah Suggs, CEO, O’Connor House.

• Chuck Fitzgerald, Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Office of Faith and Community.

• Debbie Johnson, president, Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association.

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