Students at all three Arizona public universities are calling on legislators at the Capitol to reject proposed legislation that would make it mandatory for all students to pay $2,000 a year toward school without using any public funds to cover it.

HB 2675 will make it mandatory for all students to pay $2,000 a year toward school, but without using any public or private funds to cover that amount.

This means students couldn't use grants, university scholarships, or tuition waivers to cover the amount. The only exceptions are athletic scholarships and nationally competitive scholarships.

Students say they are already saddled with a tremendous debt burden, and that total student debt has already outpaced credit card debt.

The average Arizona undergraduate left school with more than $21,000 in debt, according to the Arizona Board of Regents.

Veterans are also harmed by the legislation. Last legislative session, a bipartisan group at the Capitol passed a bill granting in-state tuition for all honorably discharged veterans, signaling what they called Arizona's commitment to educating veterans.

HB 2675 has no provision for the GI Bill and students say that gives the negative impression that Arizona isn't friendly to returning veterans seeking a higher education.

• Briefs compiled from staff and wire reports

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Go ASA! we as students need to stand up for our rights. We fought the American revolution because of dictatorship and unfair pricing, well what the represenatives and senators who support this bill are doing is putting a price on education. Where I come from education is priceless!! There is no dollar amount you can put towards education. All we want is for the constitution to be followed! The arizona Constitution states that education MUST be as FREEashumanly posssible. Making students pay a mandatory tutition is not following the constitution and therefore a law must be put into effect to stop our Congress from Ignoring the constitutionm they promisedto uphold!

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