Ahwatukee A-Peeling Faces owner Darla Salem will be hosting a presentation on the benefits of her new detoxification technique, Lypossage, at the 2014 Health and Wellness Connection this weekend in Phoenix.

Salem has been offering her Lypossage services for more than a year, and feels it’s a perfect way to jump-start any person’s way towards detoxify their body, leading them to a successful healthy lifestyle.

The Lypossage program is considered a health and wellness commitment, where clients agree to 20-minute treatments three times a week to see maximum results.

“I will be doing a short presentation on Lypossage and the benefits of it. Kind of what it is, who’s a good candidate for it, and just explain the detox benefits of it, in addition to some of the other benefits such as cellulite reduction and some loss of inches,” Salem said. “It’s not a weight-loss program, but a really excellent detox program.”

In addition to hosting a presentation about Lypossage, Salem will also be offering the names of local nutritionists and trainers in the Ahwatukee area, giving additional resources to her clients who are committed to leading a much healthier New Year.

“Toxins store up in major organs like the liver and stomach. The detoxification properties of this treatment help the organs work more effectively and clients even feel more energetic during the process,” Salem explained. “This also provides important anti-oxidant protection against free radicals and can possibly lower your risk of getting certain diseases.”

Along with Lypossage, Salem is also interested in working with people who are focused on health and nutrition, and looks forward to creating a “triangle” of all three aspects.

The 2014 Health and Wellness Connection is this Sunday, Jan. 5, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Bausch & Skinner Wholesale Design Showroom, 525 W. Turney Ave. in Phoenix, and is free to the public.

Salem will host her presentation at 1 p.m., and for any additional information about Lypossage clinics, call (480) 540-7555.

• Contact writer: (480) 898-4903 or dochoa@ahwatukee.com.

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