Proper oral hygiene can be an overlooked yet important aspect of owning a pet.

And there is more than one way to be sure that you pet's mouth is clean, including brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

However that can be difficult for some owners because their dog or cat may not appreciate having their teeth brushed or, in the case of Ahwatukee Foothills resident Jamie Hillman's miniature pinschers, have too small of a mouth for brushing to do an effective job. Because of that, Hillman looked into other, more efficient ways to keep their mouths clean.

"Miniature pinschers are prone to periodontal problems because they have smaller mouths, making it harder to get in there to brush their teeth," she said.

When Hillman's employer, Kokopelli Dentistry, began carrying Oxyfresh for humans, she took notice of the pet line of oral hygiene products.

One item is the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution that, when added to a pet's water dish, can fight the formation of plaque and tartar. Its active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide and one 16- ounce bottle can last for a few months.

"It goes a long way in keeping their mouths healthy and away from periodontal disease," she said. "And all they have to do is drink it."

After using it with her two miniature pinchers, and now with Cooper, a silver Labrador, Hillman became a distributor for Oxyfresh and sells the products from her home. In addition to the hygiene solution, she also sells a gel to rub on the pet's gums, ear cleaner, pet shampoo and a pet relaxant.

"It's funny because people will do anything for their pets, they are a part of your family," she said.

To see all of the products or to learn more, visit

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