Eileen Bannon looks to connect a few puzzle pieces Thursday at the R.H. Johnson Library. Local residents have been lingering in the library assembling the 18,000-piece puzzle as a summer project.

Dave Martinez/Daily News-Sun

The United Way recently put out a report with tips and information for parent’s with young children that instructs them how to make the most out of the summer months.

The age between 2 and 5 is extremely important for mental growth and the United Way gives a list of 10 things parents can do during the summer that can vastly improve their child’s cognitive abilities and set them up for a successful future.

“Summer is the perfect time for parents and caregivers to prepare young children for future success through interactive and interesting learning activities,” it said in a statement released by the United Way. “That’s why Valley of the Sun United Way is offering 10 Expert Tips to Ensure Young Children Succeed, a series of practical, at-home activities created by experts in early childhood education.”

The list features the following tips:

Sort it all out — have the child organize things with similar properties. Have the child practice writing letters, or have them work on writing their name. Feel the rhythm — have your child dance to the beat of whatever music you put on. Have them “Get Crafty” in building different art projects or painting.

On the subject of reading, the list advises to make the library your home away from home. There are events at libraries across Phoenix for children, which includes the Ironwood Library in Ahwatukee Foothills. Read aloud to your children every day.

Other items on the list encourage parents to flip through family photo albums with their kids, count together, go for a nature walk and wash your hands together.

“Math teaches your child to solve problems everyday,” the statement reads. “Science allows your child to be curious and ask questions.”

To find out more and to read more about the 10 Expert Tips to Ensure Young Children Succeed, visit www.vsuw.org/ensure-children-youth-succeed/children/our-partners.

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