Kre8tive Kids is an organization in the Valley that prides itself on giving back to those in need while building character in its participants. Like the name says, they go about it in creative and interactive ways.

The Kids Sports Challenge Fundraiser this Sunday, March 6, will raise money for the Kyrene Foundation, which provides food, clothing and other goods through the Kyrene Family Resource Center to families who are struggling financially. That includes more than 400 homeless families within the district.

"When I visited the center and saw what they are doing, my eyes were really opened to how great of a need there is out there," said Jerry Ervin, president of Kre8tive Kids. "I was alarmed by how many families they were supporting."

In the inaugural event last year proceeds went to support the victims in Haiti. More than 50 kids attended and they raised about $500.

"The idea was to bring people together to work toward the cause," Ervin said. "A lot of people were texting $10 and I thought, ‘I need to do more than that.'"

This year's event is open to kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. They will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities, including soccer, flag football and basketball at Pecos Park, 17010 S. 48th St.

Kre8tive Kids also offers programs and classes through Kyrene schools with themes like aviation and fashion. The backbone of all classes is character building.

Registration for the event is $15 and the event will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. To find out more about Kre8tive Kids or to register, visit

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