When a person undergoes an operation to have a small band placed around the upper portion of their stomach, as is done with Lap-Band surgery, chances are they have already tried many times to lose weight and keep it off but were unsuccessful. The band is a very useful device that restricts the portion size that a person can consume at one sitting.

However, the Lap-Band isn't a magical device and doesn't perform miracles. It does allow its owner to feel a sense of satisfaction on as little as a half cup of food. What it tells us is if we can somehow find a way to consume 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day on our own, we can lose weight at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

The problem: If we were able to eat "only" 1,200 calories per day without the help of the Lap-Band, everyone would do it. Unfortunately, hunger and cravings get the best of us over time.

Try to think about it on a larger scale. A Lap-Band patient would consume about 365,000 calories over one year. Without this device, that same patient would likely consume 700,000 calories or more in the same period of time. That would equal about 100 pounds of weight loss in one year, which is typically what happens for these patients. Depending on the amount of weight we need or want to lose, we can use this equation to help us. If we are hoping to lose just 20 pounds, we would try to consume 70,000 less calories this year than we did last year (1 pound of fat equals 3,500 calories). That would be about 200 less calories per day. That seems easy but without keeping track of calories, you can lose control of this quickly.

Put the work in and you will reap the rewards!

• Michael Murphy is a registered dietitian living in Ahwatukee Foothills. Reach him at (480) 415-8803 or visit www.nutritiontoyou.com.

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Do not have this dangerous surgery

1. You will never feel right again
2. It cause bloating and you will throw up after almost every meal
3. The band slips and cause blockage,it is uncomfortable and painful
4. The Kidney are affected and you develop painful kidney stones

Greed Doctors are pushing this surgery for more income

A filmmaker has bee reversing Obesity WITHOUT MEDICATIONS with a special diabetes diet in now 10 countries

see here http://spirithappy.wordpress.com/new-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure



I had gastric bypass ten years ago and lost half my body weight and kept it off. Through these years I have come to personally know several hundred people who have successfully had this surgery. If you follow the doctor's program, attend support groups or get some psychological help and understand we are dealing with food addiction, this can be a miracle in the right hands. I spent 30 years being morbidly obese and now I have gotten a second chance in life. I am healthier than I've ever been and I'm so grateful for this miracle every single day. If you abuse your surgery it will abuse you. If you respect and nurture your surgery it will do the same for you.


@prettyoldlady - all your points are ridiculous. Yes, there are complications in a small percentage of cases. There is always risk with any surgery... but none of your arguments have any substantial basis to them.

And as for your "greed doctors" comment, it's sort of ironic how all of your posts on this site consist of steering people towards this "spirit happy diet".

Yea.. a "diet" devised by a filmmaker...that instills me with confidence.


I had Lap Band surgery 7 years ago and lost 250 pounds and have been maintaining that weight loss while I enjoy eating good quality, healthy food with no problems. Diet and exercise had failed me over and over again for over 50 years, but with the help of this minimally invasive surgery at 62 years old I am in the best shape of my life. In addition, I have set an example for my family and my granddaughter who was obese at 16 years old started restricitng her diet to healthy foods and started exercising regularly and has, without surgery lost 90 pounds and is an amazing young woman. Treat the adult and save the child? Perhaps that should be a motto etched in stone somewhere. Both surgical and non surgicalinterventions must be available to bring an end to the obesity epidemic in this country.


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