Arnie and Yoly Pacheco of Ahwatukee and their puppet “Junior” teach lessons of self-esteem in Honduras. Yoly is a bilingual ventriloquist who has brought her show to 16 countries.
Kelly Athena/AFN Contributor

Yoly and Arnie Pacheco and their daughter Lindsay held a garage sale at their Ahwatukee Mountain Park home recently to earn money for a good cause.

“Nothing’s coming back in the house. We’re selling it or it gets donated to Goodwill,” said Arnie with a smile.

A large treadmill sat in the driveway. “We don’t use it anymore since we’ve joined a gym,” said Yoly.

Clothes, accessories and small household items sat neatly arranged in their garage. I spotted a black music stand that I knew a friend of mine would like.

“How much for this stand?” I asked Arnie.

“Make me an offer,” he said.

“How about $2?” I asked.

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” said Arnie.

The funds they raised are earmarked for their trip to Cuba in February.

They will visit hospitals, facilities for the elderly and churches with their traveling message of self-esteem and God’s love.

Yoly is a bilingual ventriloquist with a heart of compassion. She overcame a shy personality before becoming a performer in 16 Latin American countries and across the United States.

She began entertaining children with puppets when she was a child on mission trips with her parents. When she was 11, she realized she also had a gift with ventriloquism.

She has 10 puppets, including curly-haired, outspoken Maggie, a boy named Junior, a bird, a panda bear, a turtle, and various other characters, each with their own voice and personality.

Arnie is the manager of Universal Wood Products in Chandler, which employs 80 to 90 people.

He’s worked there for 24 years, keeping busy Monday through Friday.

On weekends, he joins Yoly and Lindsay for his “fun job” as part of their family show. They schedule their travels around Lindsay’s school calendar so she is able to be a part of most of their international travels.

Lindsay is a senior at Valley Christian High School near 56th Street and Chandler Boulevard. She has been named the valedictorian of her class.

She also received the National Hispanic Recognition Award for scoring in the top 2.5 percent on the PSAT/MNSQT test among all Hispanic and Latino test-takers in the region.

The proceeds from items Lindsay sold at the garage sale are going toward her mission trip to Romania in March. She will travel with about 15 of her classmates to villages to participate in outreach to widows, orphans, and families.

Each student must raise $1700 to go on the trip. While some have chosen to raise money with Go Fund Me online, she has chosen to do calligraphy to earn her way.

She writes children’s names in colorful letters for a fee after their family shows. Between the garage sale and the calligraphy she is getting very close to her $1,700 goal.

The Pachecos have lived in Ahwatukee for 13 years and are active members at Generation Church in Ahwatukee.

To see clips of their performances, visit their Facebook page, Yoly Pacheco Ventriloquist, or their YouTube videos.

-Kelly Athena is the AFN’s local garage sale gal, a master gardener and environmental advocate. See more at

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