Handlebar Helpers, whose reconditioned Trek bikes will be on sale for $150 at Odelay Bagels on Aug. 10, helps give job skills to special-needs people.

As the owner of Odelay Bagel Company in Ahwatukee, Ryan Probst tries to use his business for giving back to the community.

And as an avid cyclist, Probst has come up with a unique charitable event that benefits both the homeless and people looking for a good deal on a quality reconditioned bike.

In conjunction with two nonprofits – STARS Handlebar Helpers and Cloud Covered Streets – Odelay Bagel, 12020 S. Warner Elliot Loop, will be hosting a Bikes & Bagels sale 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, Aug. 10.

For patrons, there will be live music by Marc Norman and Adam Dougherty, live art and handmade bagels, flatbread and hummus, local coffee and espresso.

But the big attraction is a chance to buy a fully reconditioned Trek bicycle for $150 – and end up donating two to Cloud Covered Streets to donate to homeless people.

For every bike sold, two will be donated to the homeless through Cloud Covered Streets.

And because both organizations working with Odelay Bagel are nonprofits, the purchases are tax-deductible.

STARS – an acronym for Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services – Handlebar Helpers helps people  with special needs get jobs in the community by reconditioning and selling bicycles as well as offering discounted prices on bike repairs.

The workers are guided by their job coach in order to learn job skills, including how to appropriately operate with teammates in a shop setting

Cloud Covered Streets collects new clothing, shoes and other necessities for the homeless and also runs a mobile shower/laundry trailer.

Probst is encouraging people who might not be able to afford $150 to go in on the purchase with one or more others.

This is the third charitable event Probst has held with Handlebar Helpers.

“There’s such a strong cycling community in the Phoenix metro area, and specifically in Ahwatukee, so I had been looking for a way to incorporate a philanthropic bicycle project into Odelay Bagel Co. since we started in 2015,” he said.

After his first two bike-charity gigs – a massive bike sale in early 2018 and a children’s bike drive for the kids in Guadalupe last Christmas – he is teaming up with a Tempe City Council candidate, Marc Norman, who is on the board of Cloud Covered Streets.

“After kicking around some different ideas, we agreed this was the best way to get everyone involved,” Probst said of the Saturday sale.

“It just happened so organically. Since both companies, Handlebar Helpers, and Cloud Covered Streets are 501C3’s every bike purchased is a tax write off and we’ll have all the forms on site,” Probst said.

He also has expressed admiration for the quality of Handlebar Helpers’ work.

“They are a nonprofit focusing on helping people who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to learn a trade,” he said. “The bikes that come from STARS are literally better than anything you’re going to get of the factory line.”

Probst said he is confident the bikes will be going fast, so people might want to come early.

“After seeing how the people in Ahwatukee responded to the first two events, were pretty excited to see if we can sell these 15 bikes,” he said.

Information: STARS Handlebar Helpers, 480-590-0617, handlebarhelper@starsaz.org; cloudcoveredstreets.org; odelaybagel.com, 480-404-3457.

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