Kevin Levy

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Kevin Levy knows there are plenty of good stories to tell about being an apartment property manager.

He spent years as an apartment manager himself before he became a regional manager.

For seven years he dealt with issues at multiple apartment complexes, and each week he'd call his dad and share what had happened at his job.

"I would call my dad and tell him the events going on at my job, and he would always say, ‘You've got to write a book,'" Levy said. "I just kept putting it off. He passed away about three years ago, so I decided to write that book."

Levy was unsure how to take all of his experiences and compile them into a book. As a regional manager he'd seen domestic abuse cases, suicides, meth labs, and even the FBI had once found terrorists living in apartments he oversaw.

He decided the best way to go about it may be to create a fictional character and weave his best stories into a plot.

Levy created Andrew, an apartment manager of Acacia Bay apartments, who steals rent and abuses his power often until he finally realizes the girl of his dreams is right under his nose, and he decides to change his life around in order to win her heart.

"Andrew is not far off from a compilation of managers who used to work for me, or stories I've heard about," Levy said. "Andrew steals rent, and that's been known to happen. Andrew trades rent for pleasures from some of his residents. I never had a manager do that, but I've heard that it happens. He's a combination of people that I know about. And then the stories he experiences are all true."

Levy said the book will probably raise some eyebrows, especially for those living in apartments. It may warn a few people to be a little more aware of who they live next to.

"They rate apartments ‘A' through ‘D,' from your classy to your dingy ones," Levy said. "I've overseen all of them and I've had as many horror stories at the ‘A' apartments as the ‘D.' It is a little frightful, and a lot of times apartment owners aren't sharing that news with people. I think people probably know that's going on, but to actually read it is a little scary. I think people will be more scared of the employees after this book and that happens just as much."

The intent of the book isn't actually to scare anyone. The intent was to accomplish something Levy's dad always told him he should do.

Besides that, he hopes it's a fun read, and it's something he enjoyed doing.

"I wrote this book for my dad," Levy said. "My goal was to have one copy on my mantle. I don't have any great expectations that it will be a commercial success. It would be great if it was, but it's just something I promised my dad I would do and it felt good to get it done."

Levy now owns his own company, Blackhawk Property Management, that manages single-family homes and sells residential real estate.

Even though he doesn't manage apartments anymore, Levy says he's got plenty of stories to make a sequel.

For more information on Levy's book, "Acacia Bay," visit

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