Locally based Holy Yoga is working to make yoga practice even more relaxing by offering training to instructors to incorporate massage into yoga.

Holy Yoga is a yoga class that incorporates scripture and ministry throughout the class. The goal has always been to help participants relax and thank God for the body they have been given. Now to make the experience even more relaxing, instructors may incorporate massage.

Jonnie Goodman, a former Ahwatukee Foothills resident and Touch Yoga instructor, said massage fits perfectly with yoga practice.

“By trade I’m a massage therapist,” Goodman said. “A big portion of our experience at the Holy Yoga class is helping them just experience God’s love. A big part of that is through touch. A lot of people, especially in Ahwatukee because it’s such a big hub for triathletes, love yoga because of the flexibility it offers. To offer some of those participants that added stress relief and that added flexibility, and added experience of getting just a glimpse of the love of their brother and sister in Christ, we added a course so they could learn how to incorporate massage techniques into their yoga class.”

Goodman said the new training will help instructors learn some massage techniques they can use on class participants while they are in a resting pose that will help them stretch further and relax more.

The training also includes portions for instructors to learn when a student may not want to be touched or how to help with different injuries.

“It’s not oils or anything, but more of seated-type massages,” Goodman said. “It’s not a traditional massage necessarily with oils, but the reason we decided to create the program was because this is something we do in our instructor training retreats and so many of our students have said they want to learn how to do this for their own students.

“It’s such a great combination. Ahwatukee is such an active community. I was a massage therapist in Ahwatukee so I had a lot of clients who were runners and triathletes. Not only is there benefit in yoga for the physical body, but to be able to add massage to that it’s like getting a massage and a yoga class in one. It’s such a fantastic experience when you tend to the spirit as well like Holy Yoga does.”

There are many Holy Yoga classes in Ahwatukee Foothills. To locate one or find out more about the practice, visit holyyoga.net.


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