Kids have many options for their summer activities. When it comes to integrating learning as well as enjoyment, the Kyrene Summer Academy offers a well-rounded program.

Students can take up to four classes during the morning, which includes Lego robotics, beginning guitar, ceramics and more. In addition to creative classes, parents can supplement with math, science or Spanish classes.

Students in the ceramics class learn the basics and create their own projects. “I like using clay and getting it all over my hands,” Andrew Bugh, 10, said.

The Lego robotics class is unique in that each year the students work around a different theme. This year’s theme is the “Green City Challenge” in which they will learn to control a model city.

In the first class, the kids learned how to use the computer program and enter basic commands to their Lego robots. “You can move them in different directions, turn them or make noise,” Cody Venne, 9, said.

Summer Academy also benefits former students who are now volunteers.

“We liked coming to (Summer Academy) a lot when we were younger,” Daniel Perlis said. “I wanted to come back and help out.”

The first session started June 6 and runs until June 30; the second runs from July 5-21.  Summer Academy takes place at Kyrene de la Colina, 13612 S. 36th St., for elementary students, and at Kyrene Centennial Middle School, 13808 S. 36th St., for older kids.

To find out more, visit and click on “Summer Programs.”

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