From left: Darby Christensen, Jolanta Pawlik, Wlodek Pawlik and Kip Sullivan receive a Grammy for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording during the 56th Grammy Award Ceremony.


Ahwatukee residents Darby Christensen and Kip Sullivan, owner of Summit Records, received high recognition during the 56th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony with their recording artists winning in the category of Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording.

The record “Night in Calisia” featured a trio of recording artist from Randy Brecker, Wlodek Pawlk Trio and Kalisz Philharmonic.

Written by Pawlik, the record shared a unique work of art combining full orchestra with a jazz trio and soloist.

According to Sullivan, the composition celebrated the 1850th anniversary of Kaliz, the oldest city in Poland.

By winning Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording, Pawlik became the first Polish musician or composer to be recognized by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science, Christensen said.

This was the first Grammy that Summit Records had received, and for both Sullivan and Christensen it was a surreal moment receiving the award.

“One of the goals and one of the things you strive for in this business is the chance to be recognized by the Grammys,” Sullivan said.

Christensen shared the same sentiments as Sullivan about receiving the award, saying it was an incredible experience.

“As for the label, it’s a credibility builder. People respect us a little bit more because the quality has been recognized… a little bit more respect within the industry,” Christensen said. “We’ve gone to the ceremony many times because we’ve had quite a few finalists, but winning is a whole-other deal.”

Since winning the Grammy, both Sullivan and Christensen are looking forward to continuing their success and hope to receive more recognition for the work they are doing in music.

“It was a quick back to reality after the jubilation from the Grammys… we’re back into the regular grind in what we do,” Sullivan said. “It was great memories, and we have hopes in doing it again.”

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