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Lately I have been hearing people claim that they are a “foody.” Initially, I had thought that term meant they are a fan of food. To me that was kind of funny because should we not all be fans of food? Our bodies need it and we all seem to be a fan of it from infancy and beyond. Ask any mother. Although the term “foody” according to the dictionary is, “a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food.” Now that I can get on board with.

In the past 20 years or more I have noticed a trend of many who have so many issues with food. They speak a lot of judgment or criticism over many types of foods, including fruits and vegetables. You can recognize them anywhere because they speak a lot of “no’s” in their life. In other words, they don’t have a good relationship with food.

There is a mass amount of confusion because people are looking outside of themselves for answers instead of trusting in their own instincts. This, I believe, is going outside of the natural order of things. Chinese medicine teaches us to go back to the way things were once in nature. Our bodies are created to crave nutrients. If we are exposed to many types of foods in our lifetimes then we will be set up to have a healthy diet. It is a scientific fact. A person can simply tell based on how they feel whether a certain food or nutrition plan is benefiting them or not in their current state of health.

It seams that many who want to eat healthy are not listening to their bodies. They are picking up tips from many resources that may cause much confusion. I have heard many say that they feel they can’t make right choices for themselves and it stresses them out. They are disillusioned and are hearing different messages from even different health care providers, causing more confusion. This is a huge problem in ones total health and wellbeing — body, mind and spirit. It can set one up easily to fail and give up.

For years I suffered from a terrible relationship with food that turned into a 25-plus year struggle of an eating disorder. The more I learned about the complexities of eating healthy in today’s world, the more I became paranoid about what I ate. Health care providers at times made things worse. I did not trust food and my body did not trust me. Years of chronic yo-yo dieting is probably the single thing that affected my heath and well being. Yet, I was deceived into thinking that I was acting out in a healthy way.

I then had a friend recommend a book, called “Intuitive Eating,” by nutritionists by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. I also started to go to a nutritionist that recommended the book, “The Tao of Eating,” by Dr. Linda R. Harper. Through the tender care of my nutritionist and clinical therapist — I can finally say that I am healing from an eating disorder that plagued me for years. I now eat healthier than ever.

Most importantly, my body is getting consistent nutrients and I have a better relationship with food. The most amazing part is I feel good after eating and I am set free from those chains in my head that used to bind me. In that was such great healing in my life spiritually, emotionally and now physically.

The best part of all of this is that now I can say that I am a “foody.” Although, I would call myself a “super foody.” Over the years I have been adding “super foods” to my diet. “Super foods” are nutrient dense foods that power pack many amazing healing benefits. They feed the body and cells in a fast and efficient way. Here are the top five super foods that have made a huge difference not only in my life but in the lives of my patients.

1. Probiotic foods — great for immune health and digestion. These foods include kamboucha, plain keifer, plain greek yogurt, amasai, miso soup, cultured vegetables.

2. High orac scale antioxidants — great for energy and prevention of many illnesses including cancer and heart disease — goji berries, acai, pomegranate, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

3. Chia seeds — also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healthy vegetarian omega 3’s, can be put in water and are filling because they are loaded with fiber.

4. Juicing — using organic fruits and veggies juiced will get the vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream fast. Besides eating your standard amount of fruits and veggies you can add juices to help with conditions like insomnia, stress, constipation, immune disorders, allergies, fatigue, etc.

5. Coconut oil — contains Lauric acid which is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and helps kill candida. You can also use it in cooking, on your skin and hair.

My greatest advice in trying to have a healthier lifestyle is to focus on the positives. Try not to focus on restrictions. Focus on all the wonderful foods that are out there at these amazing health food stores in our neighborhood. At the same time don’t be in a state of denial when it comes to your health. Listen to your body. Be awake and pay attention. Try new foods like these “super foods” and see how great you feel. Doing what is best for your body type will always be satisfying, and what is best for you in the end.

• Dawn Krueger-Sherin is an oriental medical practitioner in Ahwatukee Foothills. For questions, reach her at

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