"Coach" Cate Dill dropped by Mountain Pointe High School on Tuesday, just one stop on her trip across the country.

The Massachusetts resident left from Santa Barbara, Calif., on Feb. 1 and will ride her bike across the country on a five-month long, 5,300-mile trip that will end at Boston Harbor.

She spoke with MP students about the importance of healthy living, which revolved around three goals: keep moving; eat simple, whole foods; and live your life passionately.

"Unfortunately with technology, we have become a nation that does not move as much," Dill said.

She has visited with schools in California and Arizona thus far and interacted with physical education teachers to brainstorm ways to motivate students. In her speeches to students, Dill describes why she undertook such a daunting task.

"My calling was to go beyond the walls beyond my gymnasium," she said.

Dill spent several days and nights traveling along Interstate 10 from California and slept in a tent in the desert by the side of the road. She travels with a small trailer attached to a bike that carries all of her supplies. But she said the most important thing she is carrying is her message.

"We, as PE teachers, are here to help you, to guide you because we care about you," Dill said to the students. "I want you to live a healthy life for the rest of your life."

You can follow Dill's progress on her blog, www.LetsGetMovingAmerica.com.

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