For the past four weeks, Mountain Pointe Theatre Company has been burning the midnight oil in its preparations for “The Elephant Man” production.

This will be the second of six shows Mountain Pointe Theatre Company will host this school year.

“The Elephant Man” is based on the true story of Joseph Merrick, who is physically disfigured and travels with a circus to make money as a side act.

He’s then taken from the circus by a doctor who gives him a permanent home where Merrick is no longer revered as a deformity.

Director Corey Quinn said the decision to have a play on “The Elephant Man” came about when they wanted to do a show that’s not so much a comedy, but shares a message with the audience.

“The show starts off where the audience sees him in his physical form, where the outside appearance is very ugly. As the show goes on you get to know him and he’s just a human being and a great guy,” Quinn said.

Throughout the production the audience begins to see all the other actors, who are physically normal, have ugly hidden secrets and come to find out that they are no different from the Elephant Man, he said.

“It’s just a great experience to be on stage to perform for an audience,” said senior Danny Williamson, who plays the Bishop.

Other than portraying the life of Merrick, the play also shows different photos of Merrick showing the audience what he really looked like.

“We try to do a little bit of everything. I think most high schools get well known for things like comedy, and we do the comedies and musicals, too, but we want to give more of a variety,” Quinn said.

His goal for “The Elephant Man” being shown at the school is to have the audience continually think about it after the curtain closes.

“This is one of those shows that everything is going so well,” Quinn said.

Junior Rayne Simmonds was intrigued with playing the role of Ross, Elephant Man’s manager, because of the dynamic part he plays in the show.

“In some ways he loves the Elephant Man, and has this special connection with him, but in the end he only cares about himself,” Simmonds said. “I think that was really hard and interesting to do.”

Charlie Morgan, who plays the Elephant Man, felt that playing the role would be a perfect cap to his senior year at Mountain Pointe.

“When I first heard about this show it was really exciting for me because I’ve always loved the idea of hidden beauty, and ‘The Elephant Man’ is such a deep show and we get to feel some of that,” Morgan said. “I kept saying to myself during the audition process that this would be the highlight of my senior year.”

Being that the first playoff football game is tonight, they decided to move Friday night’s showing to 3 p.m. after school.

There will also be two Saturday, Nov. 9 performances at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

For more information, call (480) 759-8449.

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