The Super Bowl is Sunday and to celebrate Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School hosted its 16th annual Soup-er Bowl can food drive this past week.

Items donated consisted of canned foods, dry foods and a few toiletry items.

During the week of the Soup-er Bowl drive, students at Colina are asked to bring items to be donated and placed inside the school’s multipurpose room by the team they feel will win the big game.

Principal Kelley Brunner said the Soup-er Bowl drive has been a long tradition at the school and was organized by a few of the fifth-grade teachers.

What makes the Soup-er Bowl drive interesting is the school has a hot streak when it comes to picking the winner, being correct 14 out of 16 of its predictions.

This year, students feel the Denver Broncos will win Sunday’s game.

“It’s a way to support the Kyrene Family Resource Center by collecting food, and also a fun way for the children to cast their votes on who they think will win the Super Bowl,” she said. “More times than not, they predict correctly.”

Fifth-grade teacher Arlen Sykes said a few people around the community use Colina as a spotter when it comes to placing their bets for the big game.

All items are boxed by the fifth-grade classes, and taken to the Kyrene Family Resource Center, which assists more than 200 Kyrene families with basic living necessities.

Each year, more than 2,000 cans are donated to support the Kyrene Family Resource Center, which benefits from these types of fundraisers during the aftermath of the holiday season because assistance is still needed throughout the year.

The Soup-er Bowl drive has gained so much success that other schools, such as Kyrene de las Lomas Elementary School, have started its own Soup-er Bowl drive.

For additional information on how to donate items to the Kyrene Family Resource Center, visit

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