Wouldn’t it be nice to go fishing and know exactly where everything was located just by looking at a map?

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult for a fisherman to know where to find a particular type of fish. With more than 100 lakes, rivers and streams in Arizona finding the perfect place to fish can become very difficult in a matter of minutes.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has created a new interactive online fishing map where local Arizona fishermen can view 150 of Arizona’s best fishing lakes, streams and rivers.

The website also allows users to buy a fishing license online, shows current fishing regulations, provides a fish stocking schedule and a weekly fishing report and allows you to register a boat.

The interactive fishing map, also known as the Fish&Boat Arizona webmap, allows users to click on various lakes in Arizona and shows them the types of fish species they should expect to find.

Users can also find the lake’s available facilities and concessions as well as special regulations. You can also view the nearest towns, elevation and average depth of the lake, stream or river. The map allows users to learn about various fishing holes that are close to home.

“This is an interactive Google map, which is very user friendly, so finding information about a fishery is just a click away, or maybe a touch away if you have a touch screen,” said Eric Swanson in a press release. Swanson is a biologist who is one of main creators of the innovative website.

Fish&Boat Arizona is indeed extremely user friendly. If you are searching for a specific fish you don’t have to manually search all 150 lakes. The website allows users to find exactly what they want at the click of a button.

You can search a fishing location by looking at a combination of fishing areas, water types and fish species. The fishing areas to choose from include the White Mountains, North Central, Mogollon Rim, Central Arizona, Southeast Arizona and the Colorado River. You can also search for a lake, river or urban water type and 26 species of fish.

“It’s simple, easy and very intuitive to use,” Swanson said.

The department plans to release an interactive boating map sometime this summer. The map will have detailed information on marinas and boating facilities for each lake.

For more information and to view the online webmap, visit http://gis.azgfd.gov/fishandboat.

• Arselia Gales is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

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Lucas Atkinson

Arselia Gales thank you for sharing about the information on the local fishing just like one shared at http://spearfishingneeds.com/ site. Fish&Boat Arizona seems like a really amazing app indeed, good post share.

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