Republican candidate for Congressional District 9, Vernon Parker, paid a visit to an Ahwatukee Foothills business on Thursday in an attempt to better understand the needs and challenges of a small business.

The visit was part of Parker’s “Road to Prosperity Tour.” He plans to visit businesses across CD9 to speak with business owners and their employees to learn from them what they need in Congress.

Parker stopped at The Logistics Group, Inc. in Ahwatukee Foothills and met with executives of the company, took a tour of the building, and had a town hall meeting with employees to answer their questions.

“It was refreshing to know that some of the ideas I’ve put forth in reality and practicality will have a real life impact on businesses,” Parker said. “There’s a lot of things I think we can do in this country that will make us a lot more competitive globally. It really made me even more resolute in making District 9 more competitive globally and across the country.”

Parker said he received many good questions from employees at The Logistics Group. One he thought was especially important was about education.

“I had a mother who asked what am I going to do for education,” Parker said. “She had a college kid, a high school kid and a kid in elementary so she asked how I would increase funding for education. I told her over the next few weeks you’re going to hear Vernon Parker is a boogeyman who wants to close the Department of Education. I believe that parents, teachers, and local officials and people in the state should control the destiny of education, not the federal government. The millions and millions of dollars we send to the federal government, if we could keep that money in the state and have those resources go to the local level, I think our kids in the state of Arizona would be better educated and have better resources versus sending those millions to the Department of Education for them to sit around and theorize about what education should be.”

Parker plans to visit one or two businesses a week leading up to the Nov. 6 election. His next meeting will be with Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey.

Parker is running against Democrat Kyrsten Sinema for CD9.

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