When students at Mountain Pointe High School say their yearbook is one of a kind, you can bet that's true.

After months of preparation, page design and printing, Mountain Pointe recently revealed the first true 3-D yearbook in the nation. And, yes, it comes with the glasses, too.

With the glasses on, the pages jump out at you. With them off, it's not as bad as you would expect. In fact, with the glasses off, you can hardly tell that you are looking at a 3-D image.

The idea to do a 3-D yearbook came from a camp offered by Josten's, the leading producer of yearbooks in the country, in which Mountain Pointe students discussed creative ideas on what to do for this year's edition.

"The original idea was just to do a couple of pages of illusions," said Samantha McMillan, a senior at Mountain Pointe. "But then we decided that it wasn't going to work out and we wanted to go bigger than that."

The team dedicated countless hours inside and outside the classroom to producing the yearbook and in the end, the hard work paid off.

"We were afraid it was going to be too red and blue and not look good without wearing glasses," senior Cassandra Buruato said. "But it really did turn out amazing."

The almost 1,600 yearbooks that they sold was more than they have sold since the first few years after Mountain Pointe opened.

In total, the project cost about $114,000, down from nearly $128,000 that it cost last year.

"In January, we only had about 1,300 orders and I was only going to order 1,400," said Patti Duncan, Mountain Pointe teacher and yearbook advisor. "But they convinced us to buy 1,600 and as the orders started to pick up, I said, ‘I'm sorry I ever doubted you.'"

As media shifts more toward electronic means, it isn't clear how long the hard copy yearbook will survive. But the Mountain Pointe students can get satisfaction in knowing they were first to break the 3-D yearbook barrier.

"We were told by other students we could never pull this off," senior Alex Dalton said. "I think we surprised them."

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