Girls Winner Finalist

U8- Premier Cisco 04 Black Se San Tan 04 Legacy Red

U9- Premier Afsc 03 White Dfsc 04 Red

U10- Premier Ccv 02 Black Afsc 02 White

U10- Div 1 Academy Renegades 02 Ayso 1046 Gold-hurricanes

U11- Premier Ayso 1046 Gold-thunderbolts Barcelona Az 01

U11- Div 1 Imperial Valley United Dynamo Dfsc 01 Black

U12- Premier Afsc 00 White Sc Del Sol 00 Mcnaughton

U12- Div 1 Ccv 01 Black Tvsc 00 White

U13- Premier Sc Del Sol 99 Evans Afsc 99 White

U13- Div 1 Sereno 99 Elite Ayso 688 Alliance

U14- Premier Ayso 1079 Red Mountain Gilbert Arsenal 98 Select Teal

U15- Premier Sc Del Sol 98 Ecnl Tanque Verde 97 Blue

U16- Premier Sabino Vista 97 Arsenal Gilbert Arsenal 96 Red

U17- Premier San Tan 96 Legacy White Barcelona Az 96

U19- Premier San Tan 94 Legacy Red Tanque Verde 94 Blue

Boys Winner Finalist

U7- Premier Afsc 05 White Sc Del Sol 05 Ward

U8- Premier San Tan 04 Legacy Red Arizona 04 Thunder Gold

U9- Premier Mesa United 03 Afsc 03 White

U10-premier Volcanoes Arizona 02 Thunder Gold

U10- Div 1 Barcelona 02 Blue Sc Del Sol 02 Saunders

U11-premier San Tan 01 Legacy Red Ayso 1046 Gold-blue Thunder

U11- Div 1 Vail O1 Sc Del Sol 01 Saunders

U11- Div 2 Flagstaff United 01 San Tan 01 Legacy White

U12- Premier Estudiantes Tecos Sc Del Sol 00 Leebrook

U12- Div 1 Afsc 00 White Vardar

U13- Premier Sc Del Sol 99 Jones Sc Del Sol 99 Delgado

U14- Premier Afsc 98 White Cdo 98 Gold

U14- Div 1 Ccv Stars 98 White Ayso 1046 Gold-arsenal

U15- Premier Estudiantes Tecos Afsc 97 White

U15- Div 1 Tucson 97 Blue Tvsc 97 Blue

U16- Premier San Tan 96 Legacy Red Tsa 96 Blue

U16- Div 1 San Tan 96 Legacy White Afsc 96 Girls White

U18- Premier Ayso 688 Alliance North Valley Sc 95

One of the most popular youth soccer tournaments in Arizona was born in Ahwatukee Foothills, and continued to build upon its success last weekend at its eighth annual event.

The Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Fest, which took place Oct. 21-23, saw 200 teams compete for their respective titles. The competition has built a reputation outside the state as 43 teams came to town from places like California.

Over the weekend 339 games were played by both boys and girls teams, from division U7 to U18. The majority of the games took place at either Pecos Park in Ahwatukee or at the Tempe Sports Complex.

Alec Gefrides, president of the Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club, said the tournament is always a big boost to the local economy. He said it usually brings up to 7,500 people to the area.

"This is the first year we broke 200 teams, and it is important that we continue to draw teams in from around the state, especially with the economy the way it is," Gefrides said. "Our niche is because we have so many teams, we can match them up with similar skill levels, whereas some other tournaments are nothing but competitive, and some teams will just get dominated."

The Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Fest started in 2004 with just 56 teams competing. With the help of coaches and players of the local soccer club, that number has grown just about every year since. The Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club began in 1999 when 20 teams from the Ahwatukee Foothills Family YMCA broke off to form its own organization. They have built a strong following and reputation in Ahwatukee and the Phoenix-metro area in the years since, and now boast a coaching staff that consists of 15 professional coaches from seven different countries. The club also has a strong connection with the Arizona State University women's team, and regularly have players coach younger girl's teams.

To find out more about the Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club, visit For more information about the tournament, visit

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