Faith and Community Leaders
Sheila Coonen received an award at the Faith and Community Leaders meeting from a representative of St. Vincent de Paul for her work on the recent Citrus Drive. Travis Roemhild/AFN

The Catholic Healthcare West Urgent Care in Ahwatukee Foothills continues to offer new ways to make the patient experience more convenient and efficient. And starting April 1, patients will be able to call ahead to be seen by a doctor.

While a representative from CHW said people with emergencies should seek help immediately, those with less serious conditions can call ahead to have their name put in the queue. They will be contacted by someone from CHW when they should leave for the center.

"That way when they come in, they get registered and then they see a doctor," Site Director Jean Dorame said. "It gives people the option to wait in the comfort of their own homes."

The call-ahead program has already been introduced in the Queen Creek and Gilbert CHW Urgent Care locations and has proven to be a success in what has shown to be an unpredictable flu season.

"Our flu season hit in February and March," Dorame said. "That's pretty late. It usually starts in October or November. There's been an increase in volume and this is a nice way to handle that volume."

Dorame announced the program at the Faith and Community Leaders meeting on March 15. She also spoke about the payment options for patients who do not have health insurance.

Because of the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act (EMTALA) passed by Congress in 1986, CHW cannot turn someone away because of their inability to come up with payment. Dorame said to help some patients without health insurance there are upfront private pay packages for $150 or $250, depending on what type of services are needed, and there is an option for those who cannot pay upfront, which can reduce the cost of their bill by at least 25 percent.

"We see everyone regardless of ability to pay," she said.

Also at the meeting, Sheila Coonen, executive director of Connecting to Serve, received recognition from St. Vincent de Paul for the organization of a Citrus Drive to benefit their food pantries across Phoenix.

"It's an honor but the people who donated deserve the recognition, too," Coonen said.

Wednesday's third meeting of the Faith and Community Leaders was on the topic of Family Well Being.

To find out more, contact Coonen at Contact CHW Urgent Care, 4545 E. Chandler Blvd., at (480) 728-4000 to find out more about the programs they offer.


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