Kalin Green, freshman at Desert Vista High School, will be attending the Mini Muse Experience and MusEffect Dance Company in California this summer.


Kalin Green, a freshman at Desert Vista High School, has always shown a passion for dancing, dating back 12 years ago when she started dancing for Center Pointe Dance in Ahwatukee.

She has continued to hone her skills in dance, and was selected to attend the Mini Muse Experience and MusEffects Dance Company in California.

“I want to see dance more as an art form rather than a sport,” Green said.

She also dances for the Desert Vista High School dance program.

“Kalin has showed an eagerness for dance for a very long time, so we do anything we can to support it,” said her mother, Tiffiany Green. “My role is to support her with whatever her dream is.”

The estimated cost for the week-long trip ranges from $2,000 to $2,500, Tiffiany said.

The family ran into some financial straits within in the past year, where Tiffiany was laid off from her job in 2012.

She is currently working at Grand Canyon University as a student services advisors, but had to take a nearly $30,000 pay cut.

“It has been extremely difficult to continue with what her goal is,” Tiffiany said.

Tiffiany said her daughter had to scale back on the amount of classes she took for dance, from 22 hours a week to two hours a week.

However, that hasn’t stopped Tiffiany from making sure that her daughter has all the opportunities toward pursuing her love for dance.

Green said the set backs would not keep her from pursuing her love for dance.

“It has opened my eyes to so many different organizations that I can still go to train with,” she said. “It has pushed me that much harder to become a better dancer.”

Tiffiany finds different work where she can such as cleaning the Center Pointe Dance studio; with her daughter by her side lending a helpful hand.

Green has also made a GoFundMe website to offset some of the cost for her dance trip, and currently has raised nearly $825.

“The passion won’t die… it’s so embedded in her,” Tiffiany said. “I’m completely faithful that if this is where she needs to be, everything will come through.”

If interested in donating to Green’s trip, visit

The deadline to donate is Monday, June 30.

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