An Ahwatukee Foothills Girl Scout troop got a unique opportunity to work on their cooking badges.

The group of seven girls, who all attend Horizon Community Learning Center, got an up-close look at how authentic Brooklyn-style pizza is made when they visited Vincent's Famous Pizza and Restaurant on Monday, Dec. 13.

The girls saw how Vincent's owner Lee Marino created the dough and mixed-in his special ingredients.

After it was finished, each of the troop members hand-pounded the dough, added tomato sauce and toppings to create their own pizza.

"We're excited because we're hungry," member Jane Susnik said.

Troop leader Staci Milliard came into Vincent's one night to enjoy one of their foldable slices when she got the idea to do a cooking class for the troop. She met Marino and he insisted that they do it right there in his restaurant.

"I asked him, either can we have the girls here or can you donate the dough and toppings," Milliard said. "He said, ‘No, you bring those girls and bring them here.' He's so sweet."

Co-leader Jenny Tagg said the troop has been together for the past five years, ever since they were in Daisy Girl Scouts and have built a good rapport.

"They are great friends and doing things like making a pizza together builds up that bond," Tagg said. "It's earning a badge but it is also super fun."

Vincent's, 4905 E. Ray Road, is known for its authenticity. All recipes come from a family cook book, Marino said, and to get that real Brooklyn pizza taste he installed New York's Finest water filtration system.

"I took a vial of tap water from Brooklyn and a vial from here and I said I want them to be exactly alike," Marino said.

He had someone look at the chemicals and create a filter that makes regular tap water identical to what someone would find in Brooklyn.

"You really can taste the difference," he said.


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