For kids entering kindergarten it can be a nerve-racking transition that takes some ease to get used to.

That’s why instructor Kathy McCormick has designed the K-Kamp at St. John Bosco Catholic Church in Ahwatukee to assist young kids who are entering kindergarten.

The K-Kamp has been going on for about 10 years during the summer, where kids get to experience what they have in store when classes begin in the fall.

One of the main focuses of K-Kamp is assisting with building children’s self-esteem and developing confidence for their new start into academics.

K-Kamp runs similar to a regular classroom, having the students learn basic motor skills, understanding mathematics, social skills, along with arts and crafts.

McCormick said K-Kamp usually begins right when the spring session ends, but decided to change the dates towards the beginning of the fall session to give the kids a jump start into kindergarten.

All classes are half days, from 9 a.m. to noon, where the kids meet in a small group setting.

Currently, McCormick looks over 10 kids who are attending this summer.

“We’ve been doing different activities with a lot of motor skills, and learning other arts and crafts to make it fun for the kids,” McCormick said.

Each morning McCormick takes attendance where kids are learning how to raise their hands when their name is called, and stay in silence while attendance is being taken.

The kids seem very well behaved while McCormick asks her classroom questions on different everyday rules in the classroom.

She gets help with everyday activities from her son, Jimmy, who helps take attendance and shadows the kids while they’re working on different art projects and learning activities.

The kids learn the class rules for the school year like how to stop, look and listen, to teach them how the classroom will be run, McCormick said. 

McCormick said she has seen positive feedback from both parents and kids on how the K-Kamp operates, especially since it’s a smaller environment compared to regular kindergarten classrooms.

She added that kids benefit from the K-Kamp due to the small group atmosphere because they are getting to meet new friends and aren’t as timid before the school year starts.

“We do more hands-on activities, which we do throughout the school year, but more fun projects because during the normal school year we are too busy hitting academics,” McCormick said. 

Parents interested in enrolling their child in K-Kamp can choose from three sessions during July 22-Aug. 9.

All applicants from different districts are accepted for the summer program.

For more information about K-Kamp or how to register, visit

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