Dana Regev, owner of Garden of Eden Oasis Photo submitted by Dana Regey

Owners: Dana Regev, licensed master massage therapist, certified child massage instructor

Address: Phoenix Holistic Health Center, 4747 E. Elliot Road, Suite 13

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Phone number: (480)753-0888

Website: www.gardenofedenoasis.com

Q: Where are you from and what did you do before opening your business?

I am originally from Indiana, but have lived in Arizona for 11 years. Before studying massage and opening my business, my husband and I owned a moving company.

Q: Why did you open your business in Ahwatukee Foothills?

I have lived in Ahwatukee for 10 years and love it. I was waiting for the perfect location and opportunity and found it at Phoenix Holistic Health Center.

Q: How did you get the idea to open your business?

I love working for myself. It gives me creative freedom to provide my clients with customized treatments and special attention they deserve. It also allows flexibility in my schedule to care for my 3-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter, who both receive regular massages.

Q: What type of merchandise/services do you sell?

I have a vast list of certifications, but my most popular treatments include therapeutic and relaxation massage, prenatal massage, LaStone (a specialized hot stone therapy), child massage coaching, face-lift massage, toe reading and spa treatments such as scrubs and wraps.

Q: What does your business offer that no one else does?

My clients are happy to receive the same high-quality treatments you find at any five-star resort, but for a fraction of the price. Also, toe reading and face-lift massage usually catch people's curiosity. Face-lift massage is safe, effective and a perfect alternative to those considering surgery, laser or injectable treatments. Those who have received a toe reading find it fascinating.

Q: How have residents of the community responded to your business?

Amazingly warm and friendly, as expected. They are excited to learn about and try out the services I provide and really take control of their health. That makes me excited.

Q: What does your business have in store for the future?

I want to continue to grow and educate clients on how easy and important preventative health is. It can also be more cost-effective, especially during these times of uncertainty.

Q: Anything else you want the community to know about you or your business?

Having my office at Phoenix Holistic Health Center is such a great opportunity for me, but is really an added value for clients. There, clients can take advantage of many services such as a naturopathic doctor, aestheticians, an acupuncturist, a myoskeletal therapist, hydrocolonics, an herbalist and biofeedback. It is truly your one-stop shop of health services at affordable rates. Also, more information about any of my services can be found on my website.

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