Horizon Community Learning Center in Ahwatukee got a surprise visit Tuesday morning from the Arizona Cardinals to continue its ongoing promotion of the Gatorade Jr. Training Camp.

According to the Arizona Cardinals’ community event press release, the Gatorade Jr. Training Camps are in conjunction with the NFL’s “Play 60” campaign to help promote children in receiving 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

The camp is also in conjunction with the Cardinals regular season community activates, where a player from the team is accompanied by Big Red, the Cardinals mascot, to help students learn non-contact skills.

Mo Streety, Arizona Cardinals Youth Football manager, said the camp is also in conjunction with local school education programs.

“In a small way it simulates what a training camp would be,” Streety said, adding that camps are held each week, where they see more than 300 students.

Streety, who was the athletic director at Horizon, said the camp is a way to encourage children to be more physically active.

During Tuesday’s camp on Horizon’s field, wide receiver Kerry Taylor interacted with the students of Club Horizon as they ran through each drill.

“We get here to spend time with the kids, give them an experience of football and run some NFL drill,” Taylor, a Chandler resident, said. He was released by the Cardinals later on Tuesday afternoon.

The 45 students involved with Club Horizon were broken up into five different groups. They ran different relays that tested their agility in and out of cones. They were also given a chance to put their skills to the test by competing with Big Red.

When the whistle was blown the students were sent to the next relay, where they participated is something different.

“Kids get involved, they get to see a player, a role model and they get to play,” Streety said. “You never forget that.”

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