Kyrene School District officials Monday said new, lower rates for use of facilities, namely for youth sports organizations will be presented in early next month.

Scheduled to take effect by the new fiscal year on July 1, the district will present and propose new rates for its use of facilities on June 10. The governing board will then have to vote on the rates around June 25.

In an effort to work with sports organizations like Ahwatukee Little League and the Ahwatukee Foothills Pony Baseball Association, among others, after recent add-on costs to Pony baseball stirred concern and the possibility of the league unable to afford field use by next spring, the district will be calculating new rates this month.

“What we need from this is to have some relationships,” Kyrene Superintendent Dr. David Schauer said of all participating youth sports groups and organizations.

As topics like secured fields on non-school days and field maintenance are also concerns on both sides, the conversation between the district and the sports groups is ongoing.

“We’re not trying to make a profit here, we want those facilities out there to be cost effective for the community, but at the same time we just don’t want to take away dollars from the classroom,” said district chief financial officer Jeremy Calles.

During a meeting with financial officers from several leagues last week, Calles said direct costs per hour for field lights, restroom lights, were analyzed along with direct per use costs like custodial services and supplies.

Indirect costs like field maintenance and other as-needed costs like repairs and replacements were also looked at.

The district will reconvene with the leagues on June 10 to present new rates for board approval.

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Cheers for Kyrene school officials and all the volunteers in our community's youth sports leagues!! This is another fine example of how Kyrene operates. The youth sports leaders pointed out a problem, and the Kyrene District officials brought them all into a meeting to learn more from each other about the issue. In the follow-up meeting, a smaller group found ways to reduce costs.
**** Community members spoke up! The school officials listened -- as they always do when you make them aware of an issue.

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