Kindergarten and first-grade girls are invited to attend a free Daisy to Be event this weekend to learn about becoming a Girl Scout.

The free event will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 7 at Pecos Park Recreation Center, 17010 S. 48th St. There will be songs, crafts and information about becoming a Girl Scout or volunteer.

"Usually the Daisy troops are starting from scratch because that's the first level," said Karen Rhoades, whose troop was in charge of the event last year and will be putting it on again this year. "Because Girl Scouts requires that volunteers be background checked, they do this background check and new leaders do training. For Daisy troops it would be the end of October or early November before they start meeting. The idea behind the Daisy-to-Be event is we invite kids that would be in kindergarten or first grade to come to the event with their parents. The girls get to experience some activities like they might do in a sample meeting and while they're doing that we talk to the parents about what Girl Scouting is and the benefits."

Troop leaders will have computers set up at the event so parents interested in volunteering can fill out the application and the background check all while their girls are having fun learning something new.

"Girl Scouts is a volunteer run organization," Rhoades said. "We only have troops if we have leaders that are our volunteers. It's kind of to plant a seed in the parents that, OK I can do this, I can be a leader. My daughter really likes what she's doing over there."

Not only are troop leaders required to have a background check but anyone who acts as a volunteer. Even a mom who offers to be cookie mom or give a ride for a field trip needs to fill out an application.

Rhoades' troop is of girls in seventh grade. They'll be helping the Daisies complete a task that they would do to earn one of their badges. They'll also be having a sort of fashion show to show the girls each Girl Scout outfit. The girls will also go over the Girl Scout promise and make a Mother's Day card for their moms.

"There's lots of leadership opportunities for the girls," Rhoades said. "It's good for the parents to see there are things for their kids to do when they get older. They're Daisies right now but when they get older there's leadership opportunities."

The event will also have a service project attached to it. The troop is asking that participants bring a canned food item for a local food bank. They also ask for an RSVP to ensure enough craft supplies by calling Karen Rhoades at (480) 704-8205 or sending her an email at

"It's a good chance to see what Girl Scouting is about, it's a good chance for the girls to experience what Girl Scouting has to offer to them, and it will help us get the Daisy troops started sooner rather than later," Rhoades said. "This lets us get started on it now so when Sept. 1 gets here they're ready to go."

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