City staff said in five months of offering the Service Line Protection Program to residents they’ve already seen homeowners save thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Service Line Protection Program is completely optional. Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is offering Phoenix residents warranties to cover the sewer or water lines on their property that they are responsible for. SLWA offers warranties covering water lines from the meter to the connection to the home and sewer lines from the private property line to the connection to the home.

In five months, more than 16,000 Phoenix homeowners decided to sign up for the coverage, and 276 residents ended up using the coverage, saving more than $130,000.

The National League of Cities program partners with SLWA. They have offered the program in 160 cities all around the country. Jon Brodsky, of the city’s Marketing Partnership Program, said the city studied how well the program was working in other cities before they decided to offer it to Phoenix residents.

“Many large cities like Milwaukee and Atlanta had good experience with the program,” he said. “It’s something that residents are responsible for themselves so we thought it would be good to at least give residents an option. If it’s the right option for them they can utilize this and get protection for their water lines and sewer lines. The company shares revenue with the city from the program. That helps the general fund.”

In five months since the Phoenix program started, it already has generated $300,000 to help crucial city services like police, fire, parks, libraries and senior centers, Brodsky said.

When a resident has a problem with their water or sewer line they contact SLWA. The company has local plumbers they are contracted to work with. The local plumbers fix the problem and usually the majority of the cost is covered by the warranty, Brodsky said. So far, 97 percent of customers have rated SLWA’s service as “excellent, very good or good.”

The program was launched in the fall and recently SLWA began its spring campaign by sending letters to residents who have not yet signed up. The cost for the water line program is $4.50 a month, or $49 if paying for the full year, and the company bills residents directly. The cost for the sewer line program is $6 a month. Brodsky said a typical repair could cost a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand.

For more information or to enroll in the optional Service Line Program, call SLWA at 1-866-922-9006, or visit

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