Tempe Union High School District’s (TUHSD) Adult Education Program has partnered with South Mountain Community College (SMCC) in Ahwatukee to offer opportunities for community members who are interested in receiving their GED certification.

This is the fist time both programs have collaborated in offering this program to the public, and classes will begin on Aug. 26.

Classes will be taught Monday and Wednesday at the SMCC offices in Ahwatukee, with classes being taught between the hours of 5:30 and 8:30 p.m.

Vanda Salls, director of community in adult education at Tempe Union High School District, said the focus of the program is preparing students for a career and college after receiving their GED certification.

According to Salls, the new GED program also provides qualified students with an opportunity to begin the successful transition to college, while simultaneously completing preparation for or beginning official GED testing.

Salls met with the administration at SMCC in Ahwatukee to discuss different components they were interested in offering to students.

She said students interested in enrolling in the program are asked some formalities on why they’re interested in receiving their GED, and what future goals they wish to complete.

The program is a bit more rigorous then other GED programs, with the program at SMCC going for 12 weeks, instead of the normal nine-week session.

“Not only are we going to be looking at what it takes to pass the GED test, but we are going to be looking at what does it take to become a successful college student,” Salls said.

Each student who enrolls in the GED program will be able to take the Accuplacer test during the beginning and end of school, to see where they’re at and what areas they needed to polish academically.

“While they are studying for their GED they are also going to be introduced to various aspects of community college,” Salls said.

Since this is the first year the GED program has been implemented at the school, administration members will be keeping a close eye on how students are performing and what areas they need to improve on.

If students are falling short on preparation for the GED test or aren’t placing well in the Accuplacer test, the program will change its academic plan to get students where they need to be.

Salls said so far the people who have heard about the program are excited because they are able to have college as a goal, and the concrete activities offered through the new program helps students make community college a reality.

For more information about enrollment into the GED program, contact the Tempe Union High School District at (480) 839-0292.

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