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Students of Language Synergy in Ahwatukee recently visited Spain as a “cultural immersion” trip in efforts to put their Spanish comprehension to use.

Eight students took the trip out to Spain where they stayed for 13 days.

During their time in Spain, students were able to immerse themselves into the culture by visiting historic architecture, museums and shops around various cities.

Students were able to visit cities in Spain such as Madrid, Salamanca and Toledo.

Martha Silva, president of Language Synergy, said the trip to Spain allows students to use what they’re taught in a real-world setting.

“Taking classes are great, but it’s time to let them apply it,” Silva said. “I’m trying to plan trips that are very different. Last year’s trip was more focused on adventure, and this year’s trip was focused on history, art and culture.”

Planning for the trip took two months, and before heading to Spain, Silva had educational classes related to Spain.

“We had two classes and each student had to do a presentation in Spanish, according to different topics,” Silva said. “I think it worked well.”

While visiting different cities in Spain students completed blog posts each day for their families, explaining what they did.

“It’s kind of been our tradition. Last year we went to Costa Rica, and this year we chose Spain because it has so much history and culture. It has the purest dialect of Spanish, so it’s a great place for students to go to try to practice Spanish,” student Joanne Sigrist said. “I love being immersed in the culture, the language, and having it all around me in a situation where I am forced to use my Spanish, but it’s not really a hardship to do, but an opportunity.”

Silva planned each day with different activities, but students were given a flexible schedule to do what they wanted to do.

“I think these trips help us as students to get more excited with continuing our classes, studying the language, and getting better because we have this wonderful opportunity to actually put in to use what we have been studying so hard,” Sigrist said. “We do spend a lot of time trying to get better.”

Student Jane Pincus said she enjoyed the opportunity to be able to walk through different medieval cities and experience cities that were rich in history.

“What really made it a great experience was the planning that Martha did and structuring it the way it was. We had plenty of time in Madrid… we had different guides and really learned a lot from them.”

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